Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Beach Community Improvement League

Founded in the City of Long Beach over four decades ago, the Long Beach Community Improvement League (CIL) began as a grassroots organization of community members, educators, and volunteers determined to overcome racial inequality within the school system and the community. When forty yeas ago our first program, PROJECT TUTOR, began, the response was explosive: within 6 months, Project Tutor had to be moved to a larger facility, located at 2222 Olive Avenue in Long Beach. Less than one year from its inception, CIL was incorporated as a nonprofit organization. CIL continued to successfully grow, as early organizers began to expand CIL's services in response to residents' needs. CIL was also the first Head Start Program in the entire western region.

Our Mission:

Today, our mission stands as it has for forty years: “To create quality public service programs to empower the community economically, socially, and culturally.”

Our Goal:

Our goal has been “to provide quality urban action programs designed specifically to alter and positively affect all aspects of life for members of the Long Beach community.”

Our Vision:

“To continue our commitment of building strong partnerships with other community services in order to afford our residents integrated comprehensive services, to avoid duplication of efforts, and to maximize scarce resources. Therefore, our residents will be empowered to attain their full potential, meet new challenges, and reach their goals of self-actualization.”

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