Monday, July 20, 2009

The Childrens Clinic

The Children's Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families' mission is "to partner with parents and the community to provide quality health care services and health education and promotion to needy children and families".

Long Beach, population 461,522, is the second largest city in Los Angeles County (LA County) and the fifth largest in California. It has one of the most diverse urban populations in the country.

  • 65% minorities, 60 different languages and 41 different cultures
    • 35.8% are Latino or Hispanic
    • 33.1% White
    • 14.9% Black or African American
    • 13.2% Asian or Pacific Islander
    • 0.8% American Indian or Alaska Native
    • 2.3% other

Long Beach has the largest population of Cambodians outside of Cambodia.

The Children's Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families
(562) 933-0400

The Vasek Polak Children's Clinic Family Health and Wellness Center

(562) 366-5900

The Children's Clinic Family Health Center in North Long Beach at Hamilton Middle School
(562) 531-7284

The Children's Clinic at International Elementary School
(562) 436-4420

The Children's Clinic at The Long Beach Multi-Service Center for the Homeless
(562) 733-1147 x 117

The Children's Clinic Family Health Center at Cesar Chavez Elementary School
(562) 435-5040

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