Friday, July 17, 2009

Friends of Colorado Lagoon

The Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FOCL) are a coalition of concerned citizens working to restore and preserve an important urban wetland in our community. We promote cooperative solutions to ensure a healthy balance between recreation, flood management, water quality, wildlife habitat and native plants in Colorado Lagoon. Our primary goal is to protect public health and environmental resources.

The Colorado Lagoon is historically part of the greater Los Cerritos Wetlands. Once a thriving ecosystem that encompassed most of East Long Beach with borders that included portions of what is now California State University, Long Beach, the Wetlands complex totaled about 2400 acres. The Lagoon has undergone many changes since the land began being utilized by oil operations in the late 19th century. Colorado Lagoon today measures about 13 acres, with many area homes situated on historic wetlands.

Friends of Colorado Lagoon
203 Argonne, Ste B #140
Long Beach, Ca 90803-1777



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