Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Beach Basket Brigade

In 2005 the Long Beach Basket Brigade was formed in order to assist families in need in our very own community . That year the Long Beach Basket Brigade raised $2000.00 and delivered 50 baskets to needy families. In 2006 this amazing team of individuals came together again. This time we raised over $4000.00, and were able to deliver 100 baskets to a low income housing community in Long Beach, CA. In 2007, the team once again committed their time to the organization and delivery of these baskets. Last year we raised over $6000.00 and were able to help over 150 struggling families. The volunteer time and donated money was important, but the response from the community was amazing. One hundred and fifty families were served, one hundred and fifty families and a team of volunteers were filled with gratitude.

The Long Beach Basket Brigade is an amazing group of volunteers who get together each year to assemble and deliver food baskets to less fortunate families in the Long Beach, California. The Long Beach Basket Brigade has spawned from the larger national efforts of The Basket Brigade organization of The Anthony Robbins Foundation in San Diego, CA.




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